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24 FPS Animation Awards

24FPS A magnificent initiative by MAAC,24FPS International Animation Awards celebrates excellence in Animation and VFX industry. This event host various workshop and seminars. MAAC Chandigarh won highest awards in 24FPS 2019.

Parivartan Animation Awards

Parivartan Animation Award is the biggest platform to promote the talent of the budding artist of the tricity inviting the students to display their skills in field of animation and graphic.

Events at MAAC Chandigarh

A Step towards the Next-Gen World

About MAAC Chandigarh

MAAC Chandigarh is a prominent name in High-End 3D Animation, VFx (Visual Effects), Game Designing, Digital Film Making, Graphic Designing and Digital Photograpy training Institute throughout Tricity.

Hosting a panel of experts who design the course modules through rigorous research and finding. It aims at providing holistic developments to its students. Today, with 3 academic centers across tricity and having successfully trained over 800 students, MAAC Chandigarh can proudly claim to be the only institute in India certified by the International VFX and Animation council (IVAC).

Having over 12 experienced and professionally qualified tutors working over the time-line, provides an edge over the other similar brands in quality and standard. Our previous clients’ satisfaction and their trust on us is the driving force behind our successes..

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For great job placements, MAAC offers career-building courses

Degree in 3d Animation

The world of animation is exciting and challenging. Get ready to grab the most in-demand jobs in the animation industry on completing our 3D Animation Degree courses. Join a program that suits you best:

3D Animation Courses:


Advanced program in 3D animation

For those who consider 3D animation their true calling, AD3D EDGE Plus is the answer. It covers all the aspects of 3D animation, starting from pre-production to the post production stages of animation.


3D animation filmmaking course

Learn all the aspects of animation to transform from an amateur to a full-fledged 3D artist.


Animation & filmmaking course

A course where you will learn all aspects of animation filmmaking, in just one year.

Career Options:

. Modelling artist
. Character animator
. Render artist
. Lighting artist
. Compositor


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Alumni Speaks

Here is what I believe. MAAC is an innovative training facility in Animation that stresses the importance of creativity in computer graphics. Technology may offer new tools to create new visions, but the ultimate goal is to allow the artist to interact transparently with the software.

Modelling AND Texturing


If you are passionate about Animation MAAC Chandigarh can give you that start to boost your career The best thing in life is to turn one's passion into a profession. And I did exactly that. My passion for Aniamtion made me choose 3D artist as a career. The teachers & the whole team of MAAC Chandigarh are very helpful

Modelling AND Texturing


MAAC understand that it is not the technology that drives results, but the artist. So the entire faculty, instructors, administrators and industry professionals with traditional and digital backgrounds teach the technology to bring their students imaginations to life.



MAAC is a production studio environment created to give student artists the opportunity to gain real-world experience by collaborating on iN finlms and client-driven projects. This program is the natural progression to the Academy’s mission to train the future leaders of the 3d Animation industry.”



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Maac Chandigarh is committed and specialized to provide quality education to make our students excellent in their career path,that is why we are on the top priority for recruitment by the top notch recruiting companies,brand and studios, here are some of them

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